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18-year-old blonde Kawaiko came to Kim 8! Chanel-chan has a slender body! A sports girl who plays baseball and ice skates! I wonder if this slender body can be made with just aerobic exercise! ?? No, the face is also cute, and I always like Nico Nico and Japanese people! What's more, with long blonde hair, I have nothing to say if I have small breasts! Half erection just by looking! No, I have a full erection! The reality is that you can't easily meet these types! It's a rare opportunity, so let's get a suck on your dick first! When I handed out my dick, I was happy to suck it! What's more, it doesn't look good on your face and it looks delicious! ?? The expression that licks it is also cute and can't be helped! Besides! ?? He casually holds me up to the base of my dick! Suddenly Deep Throating! No ~ I'm so crazy ~!


Date: February 10,2022
Studio: Kin8tengoku

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